EPA# 2724-786
ACTIVE INGREDIENT Etofenprox 0.5% Tetramethrin 0.2%
LABEL zoecon_wasp_x_label_021112.pdf
SDS zoecon_wasp_x_msds_021112.pdf
CHEMICAL CLASSES Synthetic Pyrethroid
TARGET PESTS Ants Cockroaches Hornets Wasps  Yellow Jackets
RESTRICTED USE Do NOT use indoors in living areas of homes or apartments.
USE Outdoor locations - restricted to those attached or connected to the outside surfaces of building structures (such as under eaves, soffits, on or underneath decks, etc.). Can be used indoors in attics, mechanical rooms, barns, sheds, garages, etc.
APPLICATION This product is a foam, and should be applied in 1 second bursts. The product will hit the nest and expand. You should not hold the top of the can down and continually spray.
PET SAFE Yes, when used as directed. Toxic to fish - do not apply directly to water.


Wasp-X Wasp and Hornet Spray kills flying stinging insects on contact with a very fast knockdown and kill. But unlike other wasp sprays, Wasp-X continues to kill with a foaming action that provides a residual activity to help eliminate the nest. Wasp-X spray can reach nests up to 20 feet away. The water-based formulation is easy on plants and the active ingredient is safer for the environment yet tough on pests.