Premise 75WP BAG

Premise 75WP BAG

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EPA# 432-1332
ACTIVE INGREDIENT Imidacloprid 75.0%
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TARGET PESTS Subterranean Termites, Drywood Termites, Dampwood Termites, Carpenter Ants, Wood-Infesting Insects
USE In and around basements, attics, crawl spaces, hallow block foundations or voids, around wells or cisterns, or direct application to damaged wood
YIELD 1 bag contains 4 x 2.25 oz. water-soluble packets. Each pack makes 25 gallons of insecticide for termite control.


Premise termiticide products provide professional-grade, long-lasting and effective termite control. Premise 75 can be used to do an in-ground perimeter treatment around a home's foundation to prevent termite infestation or for treating localized areas of known subterranean termite activity. It is also excellent for controlling drywood and dampwood termites, borers and other wood-infesting insects in and around basements, attics, crawl spaces, voids, and damaged wood piles.

Premise 75 WSP works differently from other termiticide products that are designed to simply repel or keep termites away from the treated soil area without killing them. Premise termiticide creates an undetectable “Treated Zone®” around the home, where termites unknowingly eat treated cellulose or tunnel into treated soil. The exposed termites then remain unaffected for a few days, before sudden death occurs. In the meantime, the exposed termites are able to spread the Premise chemical to unexposed termites by physical contact when they feed or groom the other termites, resulting in a domino death effect which wipes out more of the colony.

Imidacloprid, the active ingredient in Premise, is the most widely used insecticide in the world with a proven track record of success – less than one percent retreat rate. The active ingredient in Premise is commonly used in consumer products for both people and pets. Premise has no odor, and remains in the soil for years after initial application. Each bag contains 4 x 2.25 oz water soluble packets.

Tips for Use
· Before beginning a treatment, determine the location of underground utility lines, the main water line shut-off valve, and if there is radiant heat or sub-slab air ducts.
· In heavy clay soils, rod holes should be spaced 3-4 inches apart. In lighter and sandy soils, rod holes can be spaced 6-8 inches apart.
· Where the soil is heavy, PREMISE® 75 can be applied by reducing hole spacing, or by increasing the concentrations of Premise 75 two-fold in half the volume.
· Houses that have large settlement voids or sand fill should be treated by long rodding underneath the slab.
· Technicians should determine if air ducts in slabs are a perimeter system or a radial system before drilling and treating. Perimeter systems that run along the foundation can complicate treatment.
· Ducts made of cardboard, or that have rusted out, should be sealed, and a recommendation should be made to the homeowner to install an alternate system.
· Foaming void areas is an effective way to obtain complete coverage.
· Do not treat soil beneath structures that contain cisterns or wells. Consult state and local specifications for recommended distances of wells from the treated area.
· A borascope is a useful tool for determining what is located beneath a slab or behind a foundation wall.