ClimbUp Insect Interceptors
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ClimbUp Insect Interceptors

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Bed Bugs


ClimbUp Insect Interceptors take advantage of bed bugs™ natural tendencies, helping to monitor and control bed bug infestations. The exterior wall has a rough covering which bugs can easily climb, while the inner wells are slick and coated with talc to prevent bugs from escaping. Bed bugs trying to reach the bed or other furniture with ClimbUps installed from elsewhere in the room will be trapped in the outer well, while bugs trying to climb away from or off of the furniture will be trapped in the inner well.

It is important that the ClimbUps are the only thing connecting the furniture to the floor. For example, bed linens hanging off of a bed or a piece of furniture resting against the wall will reduce effectiveness.


Bed Bugs


Use ClimbUps in homes or anywhere else bed bugs are found or suspected. Use to monitor existing infestations, to prevent the spread of infestations, or to identify if and where infestations exist. ClimbUp Insect Interceptors should be used as part of an overall bed bug management program and not used as the sole prevention or treatment for bed bugs.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: No chemical active ingredient


Always read the product label completely before use. Be careful when handling the Climbups: only touch the outer wall of the device so that the talc inside the wells is not removed. Place Climbups under each leg of the furniture where people sleep or rest (beds, sofas, armchairs, etc.) so that the leg rests within the center well of the device.

*Eliminate all other pathways for bugs to access furniture. Removing bridges for bed bugs to travel on will be created if the furniture is touching a wall or another object, or anything is hanging off of the furniture onto the floor. For example, all sheets and comforters should always be tucked in, and no items should be allowed to hang down and touch the floor. All electric cords should be disconnected between bed and wall. Any items on the furniture that are touching the floor or wall will provide bed bugs a bridge to access the furniture bypass the Climbup devices. It is important that the only avenue onto the furniture is via the legs that are contained within the Climbup insect interceptor.

*The monitors should be left in place for a minimum of 21 days to provide the best opportunity to intercept bed bugs as they move around your home. Ideally, the monitors should be left in place indefinitely so that they are continually monitoring for bed bugs.

*Periodically observe the Climbup devices for bed bugs. Remove bed bugs from device by wiping out with cotton ball with a small quantity of talc and immediately place cotton ball in sealed plastic bag for disposal.

*Check the Climbup devices to make sure that they have not become compromised in any way. Examples include but are not limited to:

a. Checking for the presence of debris or other items present in the wells that may provide a method for the bugs to escape the wells.

b. Checking to see if the talcum powder has rubbed off or has been covered in dust.

c. Check to see if furniture legs have broken the plastic floor of the inner well.

*Traps should be washed in soapy water when cleaning out bugs. After traps are completely dry, use a cotton ball to reapply talc to the inner wells.

Precautionary Statement:  

Furniture legs may break through the inner well when padded carpeting is present. 
If carpeting is present in your home, the underside of the inner well may not have enough support to prevent it from breaking.  If the inner well becomes cracked or broken, the broken device should be washed and discarded and replaced with a new ClimbUp device. Cracking can be prevented over padded carpet by reinforcing with a 3" diameter rigid disk under the device, for example a 3" steel dock washer.

ClimbUps are sold in boxes of 4 or 12. The center well where furniture legs sit is 4.5 in. in diameter. The trap is approx. 1 in. tall and 6 in. in diameter.


Use under legs of furniture indoors wherever bed bug activity is suspected.


Use ClimbUp Insect Interceptors in residential or institutional areas where bed bug activity has been seen or is suspected. ClimbUps should NOT be used as the sole protection against bed bugs since they contain no insecticide or other method of killing bed bugs. See our Bed Bug Kits for recommended chemical treatments.


ClimbUp Insect Interceptors should not be used outdoors.


*Discreet round design

*Textured outer wall for insects to climb

*Excellent addition to Integrated Pest Management approach to treating bed bug infestations

*Easy to clean and reuse

*Inside wells are pre-lubricated with talc

*Made of recyclable materials

*Inexpensive, non-chemical method of monitoring bed bugs


*Only handle the outside wall of the ClimbUp when installing so as not to rub off the talc inside the wells.

*Be careful when handling, cleaning, or replacing ClimbUps as live bed bugs may be present in or on the traps.

*A small amount of insecticide dust may be placed in the wells to kill insect trapped in the ClimbUp.

*Traps may crack easily on padded carpeting. Use a rigid disc or saucer under each ClimbUp to help prevent damage to the traps.

*Be sure to eliminate other pathways between furniture and the floor. This includes pulling furniture away from the wall and keeping linens and electrical cords from forming bridges for bugs to cross.