Our View on Pest Control


Rid Alert came to life to fulfill the need of offering residential and commercial customers professional and efficient ways to get rid of unwanted pests. We gladly serve a variety of customers that include licensed pest control technicians, residential homeowners, property managers and homeowner associations.

Our goal is to get rid of your unwanted pests in a safe, cost friendly way. We want everyone in the home or business to remain safe while we help you with your problem. We achieve this by ensuring our staff is focused on current and up-to-date solutions and keeping the consumer cost modest.

Additionally, our hard-working team believes deeply in honesty, straightforwardness, and reliability in all aspects of our business. All in all, we put ourselves in your shoes and treat each problem as if it is our own by offering broad approaches to the solution. We strive to give superior levels of service and to exceed beyond your expectations.


Rid Alert promises affordable, tailor made service and care. No second-rate anything with us!