Temprid "ReadySpray"
Temprid "ReadySpray"

Temprid "ReadySpray"

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EPA# 432-1527
ACTIVE INGREDIENT Imidacloprid 0.05% Beta-Cyfluthrin 0.025%
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SDS bayer_temprid_readyspray_sds_070813.pdf
USE Apartment buildings, bakeries*, bottling facilities*, breweries*, cafeterias*, correctional facilities, factories, hospitals, hotels, houses, industrial buildings, kitchens, laboratories, livestock housing, pet kennels, manufacturing establishments, nursing homes.
APPLICATION Sprinkled around buildings and/or applied to refillable bait stations 
Sprinkle evenly in a 1-2 foot wide band adjacent to the structure at a rate of 0.5 oz (one tablespoon) of bait per 25 linear feet 
* NOTE: Around structures the total application should not exceed 4-8 oz per 200-400 linear feet (or 0.5 oz per 25 linear feet) 
* Treat Porches, Patios, Driveways, Sidewalks, Flower Gardens, Landscape Timbers and around Trees, Wood Piles, Air Conditioning Units and Garbage Receptacles 
* See label for complete application instructions
PET SAFE Yes, if used as directed on label
PARTS INCLUDED One nozzles and a crack and crevice (C&C) straw
SPECIAL FEATURES Bag-on-Valve ready to spray technology, No propellants, VOCs, petroleum gas or distillates found in aerosol cans 
Apply from any angle, and will not lose pressure.




Temprid Ready Spray is the ready-to-use version of the popular and powerful Temprid SC Insecticide Concentrate. Imidacloprid and beta-cyfluthrin affect target pests differently, offering complete and unique control for the toughest pests, even when resistance is a concern. Imidacloprid is a patented neonicotinoid manufactured by Bayer Cropscience. Neonicotinoids refer to the class neuro-active insecticides that are modeled after nicotine. Imidacloprid works by disrupting inhibiting stimuli transmission within the nervous system of a given insect when that insect either ingests or absorbs the poison into its body. More specifically, imidacloprid blocks a certain type of neuronal pathways which are much more prevalent in insects than mammals. That is why the chemical is much more toxic to insects than humans or animals. Because of its slower kill time, imidacloprid is used when a transfer effect is desired for treatment of social insects such as ants and cockroaches.

Beta-cyfluthrin is a synthetic pyrethroid that attacks the central nervous system of target pests. Made to mimic the effects on insects of naturally occurring pyrethrum, manmade beta-cyfluthrin has the advantage of remaining effective far longer than pyrethrins. In Temprid Ready Spray, beta-cyfluthrin provides a quick knockdown for immediate control, while the imidacloprid provides long-lasting results and far-reaching control through a transfer effect.


Ants, bed bugs, beetles, boxelder bugs, carpenter bees, clothes moths, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, flies, kudzu bugs, millipedes, moths, silverfish, spiders, ticks, wasps

PESTS CONTROLLED WITH TEMPRID READY SPRAY: Ants (excluding fire ants), bed bugs, black widow spiders, boxelder bugs, brown recluse spiders, brown widow spiders, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, carpet beetles, centipedes, clothes moths, cluster flies, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, elm leaf beetles, firebrats, fleas, flies, fruit flies, flour beetles, globular stink (kudzu) bugs, gnats, grain weevils, hide beetles, house flies, leather beetles, millipedes, mosquitoes, moths, multicolored Asian lady beetles, phorid flies, pill bugs, sciarid flies (fungus gnats), scorpions, silverfish, sow bugs, spiders, springtails, stable flies, ticks, wood-infesting beetles, and wasps


Use Temprid Ready Spray for small applications, quick access, or in sensitive accounts. Its ease of use and advanced design make Temprid Ready Spray an innovative alternative to insecticide concentrates or traditional aerosol insecticides. In time-sensitive situations, Temprid Ready Spray is ready-to-use, without the hassle of diluting concentrates or using additional equipment. For hard-to-reach applications, the Bag-on-Valve design allows Temprid Ready Spray to be applied at any angle, even upside down. Temprid Ready Spray’s dual action provides quick knockdown and lasting residual, ideal for difficult pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, and even stinging insects such as wasps. Temprid Ready Spray is also a great value compared to traditional aerosols since there is no waste with the innovative design, and the residual is effective for up to 6 months.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Imidacloprid 0.050%, Beta-Cyfluthrin 0.025%


Shake well before use. Use indoors or outdoors as a crack and crevice injection or spot treatment. Use with the supplied actuator or injection tubes. Temprid Ready Spray can also be used in aerosol application equipment. Apply when pests are seen or found. Reapply every 7 to 10 days until infestation is eliminated.

For spot treatments, hold nozzle between 12 to 18 inches from the surface to be treated. Release product at a rate of 4 seconds per 2 square feet. Each spot treatment must not exceed 2 square feet. Always read the product label completely before use.

Because Temprid Ready Spray is a ready-to-use product, yield will vary according to user and applications. Most users require one can per room for bed bug treatments.


  • 1 linear foot per second – crack and crevice treatment
  • 6 inches per second – heavy infestations and clean-out
  • 2 seconds per cubic feet – enclosed void spaces
  • 4 seconds per 2 square feet – spot treatment



Apartment buildings, bakeries*, bottling facilities*, breweries*, cafeterias*, correctional facilities, factories, hospitals, hotels, houses, industrial buildings, kitchens, laboratories, livestock housing, pet kennels, manufacturing establishments, nursing homes, poultry houses*, processing and packing plants*, restaurants*, schools, stores, warehouses, and modes of transport (airplanes, automobiles, buses, marine vessels, rail cars, trailers, trucks)

* non-food/non-feed areas


Crawling Pests: Treat into and around known or suspected pest harborage and entry points, such as around water pipes and other utility lines, doors, windows, behind baseboards and molding, behind cabinetry and in cracks and crevices in cabinets, drawers and shelves, beneath and behind refrigerators, washing machines, and stoves. Make spot treatments in corners, to flooring beneath furniture, in closets and storage areas.

Bed Bugs: Spray bugs and eggs directly whenever possible. This product kills bed bug eggs that are directly treated, and young nymphs emerging from eggs are killed by dried residues. Remove linens and wash before reuse. On infested mattresses, apply only as spot treatment to tufts, seams, folds, and edges until moist; allow mattress to dry before remaking bed. Apply to bedsprings, box springs, and the interior of bed frames or headboards, including all cracks and joints. When upholstered furniture is infested, apply as a spot treatment only to the infested tufts, seams, folds and edges. Apply as a crack and crevice treatment to all baseboards, moldings, beneath floor coverings and carpets, closets, shelves, curtains, furniture and picture frames that may provide harborage to bed bugs. Inside empty luggage, apply to seams, folds and edges until moist. *Do not treat areas of furniture or upholstery where prolonged contact with humans will occur. Do no spray bed linens or other materials which come in direct contact with occupants of the bed.*


Crawling Pests: Apply as a crack and crevice or spot treatment to surfaces on buildings, porches, patios, and other structures, openings around doors and windows, eaves and attic vents, utility entry points, weep holes, soffit areas and other exterior openings (including foundation cracks or drilled holes) where pests may enter the structure or where they have been seen or found, or can find shelter. Ant trails and nests may be treated directly.

Wasps: Make applications directly into nests. Remove and destroy treated nests if possible, or retreat nests as necessary. It is recommended to treat stinging insects late in the day when they are least active.


  • No personal protective equipment (PPE) required during application.
  • No petroleum gas or distillates.
  • No signal word on the label means the product is very safe in a variety of applications.
  • Kills bed bug eggs and pyrethroid resistant bed bugs.
  • Will not damage surfaces where water alone causes no damage.
  • Dual mode of action: contact activity and systemic action.

 Bayer Ready-to-Spray Technology - Bag-on-Valve (BOV)

  • ‘Separation’ between propellant and spray solution (active ingredients)
  • No VOC’s, no potential flammability, no additional odor sources
  • No additional inert ingredients required in formulation (i.e. solvents)
  • BOV’s can is pressurized with compressed air – not hazardous propellant
  • Reduced chance applicator error when dip tube is only in propellant
  • 360° spray capability (Works even when the can is upside down.)
  • Spray stream does not significantly lose pressure as no loss of propellant occurs
  • Always shake well before use.
  • Keep pets and people out of treatment area until product is dry.
  • Do not use in food/feed areas of food handling establishments.
  • Outdoor applications must be limited to spot or crack and crevice treatments only.
  • Not recommended for the sole protection from bed bugs.