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The cockroach is a very undesirable pest and requires only 3 elements to live: food, water and shelter. Additionally, with these three, the cockroach can quickly reproduce and create an infestation.

Cockroaches, known for transferring disease such as bacteria that causes food poisoning and can add to complications associated with asthma.

Furthermore, in most cases the German cockroach is the most commonly found roach in homes, restaurant and businesses. It spends most of its time in hiding and their feeding source is usually within 10 feet of its hiding place.

However, the German cockroach prefers to live close to its own kind.

For cockroaches, large numbers can be found clustering together under stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers, and in wall and cabinet voids.

Additionally, roaches defecate in such places, leaving dark speckling that contains pheromones - scent signals that mark a surface where roaches will gather.

Incidentally, a cockroach reproduces quickly and their eggs are attached to end of the female's abdomen. The litter usually produces 30-48 eggs when hatched.

There is no one way to get rid of cockroaches. You have to implement several methods:

  1. Inspection - Use a flashlight and a mirror for void spaces to determine where roaches may be hiding in your home or business. Shed skins or egg casings are typical clues that there is a roach infestation.
  2. Exclusion - Reduce their movement and activity by sealing off the areas where they are found.
  3. Sanitation - Remove all sources of food and water from their reach. This means putting extra effort into making sure no food or water is left out so as not to attract pests.
  4. Pesticide Application - There are many pesticides that are safe for indoor and outdoor use.

Insecticides are substances used to is a substance used to kill insects. Insecticides used in combination with insect growth regulators (IGR)  provide more effective results, and give a needed punch in the exterminating process. How? IGR's inhibits the life cycle of an insect and prevent an insect from reaching maturity. Why? Immature pest cannot reproduce! IGR's work by interfering in the molting process; they kill insects slower than insecticides, and death occurs between 3 to 10 days. However, one may work without the other, but for effective knockdown and noticeable long term results they should always be together. 

Rid Alert carries a variety of insecticides and IGR's that will rid your environment of roaches and eliminates the colony.

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