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MGK® was founded in 1902 by Alexander McLaughlin, at that time their principal business was grinding spices, i.e cinnamon, pepper, plant leaves, barks, fruits, and flowers used in pharmaceuticals. By 1915, MGK® was importing a variety of botanicals, including pyrethrum, and providing its customers with products of consistent and assured quality. Since its founding in 1902, four generations of family management have guided MGK®. This long tradition of stability and continuity is a major reason why MGK® has earned the respect of the business and scientific communities. MGK® consistently offers high-quality pyrethrum-based insecticides suitable for household and industrial pest control. MGK®'s mission is to make life healthier by creating responsible products that protect people and their environments from the impact of insects.

In our experience and opinion, MGK® products: perform beyond expectation, offer a one-two punch to a variety of insect problems, are affordable and provide long lasting residual.